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Advent Calendar 2020


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The Perfect Holiday Gift
This fun advent calendar features a 24 item sewing kit including:
Household Pins 28mm (150pcs)
Berry Head Pins (40pcs)
Assorted Safety Pins (48pcs)
Assorted Hand Needles (30pcs)
Travel Kit With Threaded Needles (1pc)
Metal Bobbin Class 15 (3pcs)
Invisible Thread Clear 200m (1pc)
Polyester White Thread 1000m (1pc)
Polyester Black Thread 1000m (1pc)
Butterfly Threader (1pc)
Needle Threader (3pcs)
Seam Ripper (1pc)
5"/12.5cm Scissors (1pc)
Dressmaking Pencil White (1pc)
Sew Fun Gel Pen (1pc)
Fabric Wool Comb (1pc)
Sew on Hook & Loop 2cmx1m (1pc)
Tail Chalk With Sharpener (1pc)
Silver Metal Thimble (1pc)
Tomato Pincushion (1pc)
Retractable Tape Measure (1pc)
Pom Pom Maker (1pc)
Measuring Gauge (1pc)
Point Turner (1pc)